The cover basically describes the series. If it made you smile, this manga is probably for you.
Book 5: Misfit Cover Ready! Coming soon to Patreon. I always love how Olivia’s covers turn out. I’m definitely hyped! Sorry for the long radio silence. What I’ve concluded is that you’re here for …
One thing I have figured out about myself recently is that I like my novels digital and my comics physical. I’ve had Spy x Family’s first volume on…
It's about Family
We'll talk about writing villains!
I'm 8 volumes in and it's only getting better
Chapter 37 “Water Orb!” My first instinct turned out to be pointless; the chilly night air surrounding us had already been dried out by the dome of…
Power Rangers Meets Alan Moore
We talk about sequels and follow-ups. Join us at 5 PM Pacific Time, or catch the replay!
The Pitfalls of Video Game Writing. Check it live, or watch later.
Why TV Tropes Probably Isn't Your Friend